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About Friends

Founded in January 1999, Friends of Hudson combines the best attributes of grassroots groups and more established organizations by educating and informing the general public while also working closely with other local, regional, and national groups which support balanced growth in the mid-Hudson Valley. Our members live in diverse communities throughout Columbia County, the mid-Hudson Valley, the Capitol Region and neighboring states.


Friends of Hudson P.O. Box 326 Hudson NY 12534 (518) 672-7743

Our Mission

We are dedicated to ensuring a healthy, sustainable and fulfilling quality of life for our region's economically and culturally diverse population by:

  • Safeguarding public health, air and water quality, natural habitats and species;

  • Protecting agricultural, cultural, historic, natural and scenic resources;

  • Encouraging a vibrant, balanced and sustainable local economy .


Our organization is steered by an 3-member board which meets at least six times yearly:

  • Judy Grunberg

  • Michael O'Hara

  • Christopher Reed


In all our work, Friends of Hudson retains experts and consultants of the highest caliber, with impeccable credentials, who are acknowledged leaders in their fields. For example, our successful challenge to the massive, coal-fired St. Lawrence Cement proposal was guided by top-notch legal, engineering, and other consultants such as:

  • Engineering: Camp, Dresser & McKee (Long Island) and Alex Sagady & Associates (Michigan)

  • Legal: Young, Sommer..LLC (Albany)

  • Wetlands & Biota: Hudsonia Ltd. (Annandale)

  • Land Title: Robert McLean, Esq. (Loudonville)

  • Economics: Robert B. Pauls Consulting (New York City)


Friends of Hudson is supported by member donations as well as foundation grant funding. Donations are tax-deductible. We can accept stock donations, are eligible for most corporate matching gift programs. All donations should be made out to Friends of Hudson, P.O. Box 326, Hudson NY 12534. Click HERE to make a donation.